Forum Update

Here is what we know: Everyone who wants to start a Meat Collective has similar questions for us. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn alongside one another and to exchange opinions, experience, and advice. We're working to make our website do just that, but until then, we've got two resources for you. First, find our public Meat Collective Alliance Facebook page and "like" it. This is where the MCA makes a lot of announcemnts and shares basic information. Second, we've also set up a closed/private Meat Collective Leaders Facebook Group. If you are in the process of starting a Meat Collective or seriously interested in starting one, please email us letting us know and we will invite you to the Meat Collective Leaders group. This is a place where only Meat Collective Leaders/Owners can go to chat, exchange advice, ask questions, and more. The public will not be able to see these posts, only current or prospective Meat Collective owners

Thirdly, sign up for our email newsletter so that we can alert you when we launch the next phase of this website.

Once launched, the new MCA website will offer a place for all current and prospective Meat Collective owners/leaders to post questions, share knowledge, and offer advice to one another.

After beta testing, we will open the forum to all MC constituents from instructors to farmers and students.