The Meat Collective Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation registered in the State of Oregon. Your donation will directly and indirectly influence our immediate goals to:

  1. Build and maintain a website that provides training, advice and forums for current and prospective MC owners. The website will eventually offer an online information-sharing network for MC owners, farmers, educators and students, as well as a discussion board for any person interested in exchanging information about ethical meat consumption.

  2. Host in-person and live, online training sessions for current and prospective Meat Collective owners.

  3. Continue to update our Mighty Meat Collective Startup Guide based on new Meat Collective Leader experience.

  4. Create a microlending program to support MC launches across the country.

  5. Create a scholarship program to fund meat education for students who cannot afford to attend classes.

  6. Create online and in-person local, sustainable, whole animal purchasing networks for local farmers and consumers across the country.

  7. Collaborate with other organizations and individuals who are working toward similar goals.

The MCA is a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation. When you make a tax-deductible charitable donation to our organization we will email you a thank you letter which will serve as your receipt.

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