Meat Collective Startup Guide Access Changes

Posted June 16, 2015

Since last August, we've offered a link to purchase our Mighty Meat Collective Startup Guide to anyone who comes to our website and wants to purchase it. However, we've found one problem with this fully open-source approach: We have no way of finding out who purchases the guide–and thus, no way of knowing who is working to start a Meat Collective and how we can help them–unless buyers decide to share their email address with us, which, so far, they haven't. While the Meat Collective Alliance is dedicated to inspiring and jumpstarting Meat Collectives across the country,and sharing as much information as possible to that end, we also want to ensure that all Meat Collectives feel that they are a part of a broader community and movement. This means that we want to create connections between each Meat Collective and we want to ensure that each Meat Collective is dedicated to similar standards of practice and approaches to meat education.

Therefore, we are now asking that anyone interested in starting a Meat Collective simply contact us first. Once you do, a Meat Collective leader will get in touch with you to find out who you are, where you're located, and what resources you already have to work with. This will be your chance to ask us questions, and our chance to ask you guestions as well as to give you a better idea of what starting a Meat Collective actually entails. We'll also share a basic list of Meat Collective community standards. If, after this brief conversation, you're still excited to get going, we'll send you access to purchase the Mighty Meat Collective Guide. Buying this guide basically makes you a member of our organization. This means we'll act as a resource for you whenever we are needed, we'll link you up with other Meat Collective mentors and advisors, and we'll keep you up to date on new practices, discoveries, standards, and more. As you evolve, we will evolve with you!

If you have already purchased the Mighty Meat Collective Startup Guide, please consider getting in touch with us so that we can be an ongoing resource for you!