Mission Statement:

The Meat Collective Alliance inspires responsible meat consumption and production through experiential education.

Who We Are:

We are a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit corporation made up of concerned consumers, farmers, butchers, and chefs who wish to take the systems by which meat is produced into our own hands.


The MCA achieves its mission by training individuals and organizations to bring experiential meat education to their communities through the Meat Collective (MC) model, or through similar educational programs. Through this hands-on education model, the MCA promotes sustainable farming practices, whole animal utilization, responsible meat consumption, informed consumer buying practices, as well as environmental and social change.

What is a Meat Collective?

Several students wrapping sausage

The first MC in the United States was founded by Camas Davis in 2009 in Portland, Oregon. The Portland Meat Collective (PMC), LLC was founded as a one-of-a-kind, traveling meat school and culinary resource that has changed the way citizens of Portland, Oregon think about their food, their community, their local economy, and the environment. 99% of animals raised for food in the United States are factory farmed. The PMC brings the other 1% directly to consumers, and seeks to increase the number of consumers seeking out that 1%. For each PMC class, local, sustainable farmers sell whole animals to students who in turn learn from local butchers and chefs how to transform those whole animals into food. Students go home with sustainably farmed, local meat, a new understanding of where meat comes from, and hands-on experience producing food for themselves. Chefs and butchers have the opportunity to share their art. And farmers are able to sell their animals directly to consumers who appreciate their humane and sustainable practices. The result? A growing community of informed omnivores who are changing meat production and consumption in America.

The PMC has been covered in the New York Times Magazine, Martha Stewart, Dark Rye, and many other media outlets. For more information about the PMC or its founder, Camas Davis, also the president of the MCA, visit the website: www.pdxmeat.com.

History of the MCA:

In 2013, the PMC raised $25,000 on Kickstarter to help two more Meat Collectives launch. Since then, the Olympia and Seattle Meat Collectives in Washington State, and El Dorado Meat Collective in California have opened for business. In April 2014, in order to serve a larger population, the MCA formed as a nonprofit, public benefit corporation in order to offer affordable online and in-person training, education, and resources to individuals and organizations across the country that wish to start MCs or similar meat education programs. The PMC has donated the remaining funds from the Kickstarter campaign to the MCA.

Philosophical Goals:

  1. Teach communities where the majority of the meat we eat comes from (i.e. factory farms, Confined Animal Feeding Operations, industrial production systems, etc).
  2. Help consumers access more sustainable, local, humane meat sources.
  3. Promote alternative forms of meat production and consumption that are less destructive to the environment, animals, and consumers.
  4. Promote decreased meat consumption.
  5. Effect environmental and social change through informed meat education.